gavin-bond-photoGavin Bond is one of the most sought-after celebrity photographers in the world. A graduate of London’s infamous Central St Martin’s, Bond began his career shooting backstage at the international runway shows, building mutually beneficial relationships with the worlds most revered fashion designers and supermodels alike. His unique insight into the exclusive world of high fashion saw him contribute to publications such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire & Rolling Stone.

In Lockdown 2020, Bond rediscovered an extensive collection of ‘unseen’ images from 1990s supermodel era showcasing notorious fashion ‘moments’ from his unfettered backstage access to London Fasion Week. This discovery turned into an 8-week exhibition from September to November 2022 hosted by Tim Jefferies at London’s Hamiltons Gallery, Mayfair. Alongside this, Claridge’s ArtSpace turned itself into a 4D Exhibition of Bond’s recent book ‘Being There’ launched with Idea Ltd.

Bond’s magic comes from his special way of connecting with his subjects; from Taron Egerton, Hugh Bonneville and Liam Gallagher among many others, his celebrity clients become an active partner is his process. Bond’s innate ability to create an immediate air of intimacy along with his keen eye and whimsical imagination always amounts to Bond getting exactly what he needs for his image, whether it is a captured revelation of true character, an exaggerated version of celebrity selves or the flip side to a public persona. 

Today, based in NYC in addition to dividing his time between Los Angeles and London, he still keeps the reportage aspect of his work rolling, shooting straight from the hip for Red Carpet Premieres, on set for Top Gun: Maverick and behind the scenes for BAFTA.

Recently, Bond has photographed Key Art for all of the major film studios and SVOD platforms worldwide. Bond’s other credits include The Annual Victoria’s Secret special issue, over 35 covers for British GQ, and a critically acclaimed photography book on Green Day.