“What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.” Socrates

What if we let go of that picture? What if we trusted that our skill and experience are the foundation we bring to the process, but not the result we should take away? We allowed ourselves to step back from our expectations and let the moment surprise us.

As a photographer and life traveler, my work, my approach, my technical understanding has evolved over time–sometimes because of necessity, sometimes because of experiential growth. I am confident in my approach, but I produce my best work when I let myself be vulnerable in the beginnings of the process and make room for the unique possibility of the shoot to reveal itself to me. When I move from automatic–what I know, to organic–what I get from the creative team and myself when our energies connect as we shoot.

After raising my two children in Paris in their early years, today my family’s home base is Santa Monica, California. From here I continue my editorial and beauty work in major cities around the world. Influenced by our coastal beach life and the amazing natural light in California, I’ve had the pleasure of shooting a series of black and white portraits of professional and local surfers at famous spots around the world. It is an ongoing project and I am excited how it might evolve. With my personal and professional work, the enjoyment I get from searching for pure moments behind the camera continues.